Top 7 Nightclubs in Vancouver

Top 7 Nightclubs in Vancouver - Top 7 Nightclubs in Vancouver

The nightlife scene in Vancouver is something worth seeing. The city gets alive at night and many happy and cheerful people head towards the city’s top nightclubs for a good time. These nightclubs have awesome drinks, DJs, free Wi-Fi, and other facilities.

So, in between your dances, you can sit and chat with your friends on social media or play online casino games on sites like Playamo. You will even get a chance to win money with the playamo free spins. Here we are going to talk about some popular nightclubs in Vancouver.

The Roxy

This nightclub is located in the prime spot of Vancouver. University students, celebrities and those in their twenties mostly visit this place. Every day, DJs and live bands are entertaining the guests. People dance here till 3 am and have an awesome time.

Top 7 Nightclubs in Vancouver roxy - Top 7 Nightclubs in Vancouver

Fortune Sound Club

The best part of this club is the sound system. You will love to dance to the beats. Both local and international DJs perform here. You will hear all sorts of music here from hip hop to R&B and techno.

There are themed nights also, so you get to wear themed clothes which is quite fun. There is live music as well to showcase the local artists.


It’s a spacious nightclub with two levels, so it can accommodate lots of guests every night. It is of international standard and you will find talented DJs performing here. There is a lounge where you can take a break from dancing and grab those free spins at Playamo casino!

Alexander Gastown

This is a new nightclub that has gained popularity within a short time due to the atmosphere and the standard of service they maintain. Here, every day of the week is allocated to different genres of music. So, you can pick a day to come to hear your favourite music.

These nightclubs are worth visiting. You will have a wonderful time here. You will get to mingle with the locals and learn more about Vancouver as well.